"The friendly tiny dinosaur BABY YOOSHI. will finish the mission and reunite baby Mario with his brother Luigi. And will fly us to the Moon."


"Baby Yooshi is a one-of-a-kind reward and rebase token that uses a proprietary contract on the Binance Smart Chain."


"At the center of it all, the goal remains to create a project that gives a voice to its holders by creating an unbreakable community foundation. Creating a community project is embracing and recognising that strength and growth does not come from a single perspective, but by creating a cohesive unit, where the sum of all parts come together to make it whole."


"First and foremost we are supporters and enthusiasts of cryptocurrency and decentralised finance, and the technology behind it, and it's ability to revolutionise the world."


"We embrace all with open arms, our community is 100% dedicated to respect, equality, and there is no room for discrimination."


"Baby Yooshi was founded in 2021, it is not trading on any exchanges. Baby Yooshi was added to the dead coins list due to being Scam or Other Issues. Founder/CEO is Unknown."


"CertiK confirmed that Baby Yooshi is a scam project. The project team makes the token very easy to buy, but very hard to sell by using slippage over 70%. Please be cautious when interacting with Baby Yooshi $BABYYOOSHI."

The Baby Yooshi token could be bought but not freely sold, which led to a price rising without the ability to sell. The website is presently offline although Twitter remains.

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