$11 000 USD

APRIL 2022




"@ryandisdier I mistakenly click on this link and my @sartoshi_nft NFT Mfer #6135 was mistakenly transfered. I thought this was a legit link for Azuki. The other side @theothersideNFT nft #1981 was transfered to address 0xe69c778fa0a7a12bb0bfbd04d1fe4c9e8ebb9303 please help."


"@sartoshi_nft please help retrieve my mfer #6315. I did not sell the mfers. I bought this for 5eth two months ago. I clicked ib th link in the attached image Please help! #mfers please help retrieve my #mfer."


"@theothersideNFT please help retrieve nft #1981. I did not sell the mfers. I bought this for 0.5eth two months ago. I clicked ib th link http://beanz-azuki.org . Please help! #tos please help retrieve my #Theotherside"


"Winning this will surely make my day. My Mfer #6135 and The other side nft #1981 was just illegally transfered from my account. Reported this to opensea and the projects. Hopefully I hear back from them."


"I don't think you'll be getting those back. I got two NFTs stolen last month and still couldn't get it back. Even if @opensea tag the NFT as scam, the perpetrator can transfer to @LooksRareNFT worst marketplace ever. It promotes sale of stolen NFTs."

After interacting with thwat they thought was the real site for the Azuki Beanz NFT project, Twitter user rijet found that their wallet had been emptied of two NFTs. Mfer #6135 and TheOtherSide #1981 were both taken. Mfer #6135 has been resold multiple times, while TheOtherSide #1981 is still remaining in the thief's wallet. While the theft has been reported to the NFT creators and OpenSea, no recovery has occurred.

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