$4 250 000 USD





"Lets make history together. Join the post-era banking revolution."


"We successfully raised $1M during our private sale. The duration of our private sale was 2 days. We successfully raised $410M during our presale sale via private investors, BTC, LTC, DOGE, BTS, PIVX, DASH and ETH. The duration of our presale was 30 days. Our public sale will begin on December 26th or at the commencement of our pre-sale."


"Our ICO includes two assets. AriseCoin, a cryptocurrency and an ERC20 compliant token "AEX" generated from the smart contract that powers our P2P token swap functionality within our cryptocurrency exchange "aEx". aEx is free to all who buy AriseCoin."


"AriseBank claims to be one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms ever built, according to the complaint."


"March 2017 - AriseBank™ was founded by Jared Rice Sr. and Stanley Ford. The Arise movement began in March of 2017. The process of creating the first cryptocurrency banking experience officially begins.


June 2017 - The initial Arise plan was presented for AriseBank™ and future products and services and development begins. The initial plan for AriseBank's future services for aBank™, aEx™, aIExchanger™, aTransfer™, aPay™, AriseID™, CoinSecure™ and others were announced and development was started.


August 2017 - Sunrise API™ and Sunrise SDK are launched for the Arise platform. AriseBank™ launches their Sunrise API™ and Sunrise SDK as a fundamental foundation for the Arise platform.


October 2017 - Arise launches AriseCoin™ ICO and the entire Arise platform in BETA. In October of 2017, AriseBank™ launched the plans for their AriseCoin™ ICO, the entire Arise platform in BETA and a new website."


"AriseCoin is split into two denominations within one blockchain: ACO and eACO. ACO (AriseCoins) can be acquired during our initial ICO, as well as exchanges for those looking to buy, sell or trade ACO in a growing digital asset marketplace. Currently, there are 97,000,000ACO in circulation. ACO are permanent crypto assets that do NOT expire. If you buy them or earn them, you own them.


But we also provide eACO (expiring ACO), which is the first ever expiring cryptocurrency. eACO are minted on a daily basis, in proportion to the collective gains of AriseBank customers and are then algorithmically distributed back to all AriseCoin holders. But what makes eACO different from ACO is that eACO expire after a period of time and are only useable within AriseBank. Think of ACO as permanent asset coins that last forever, and eACO as limited shelf-life bonus coins that have to be used before they expire. The purpose of eACO is to enable everyone to share in community wealth, and also to incentivize people in putting their bonus eACO coins back into circulation before they expire."


"We understand the needed investment and contribution from the community to truly create a global and regulated cryptocurrency / digital asset based banking platform. We have released our estimated financial earnings for the next 12 months, as well as an estimate of costs to run the platform on a global scale."


"We are currently working with several global partners (transaction processing, marketing and software development) like Marqeta, VISA and others. We have agreed to work with several government-insured banking partners to continue developing futuristic fintech products that are sure to meet regulatory standards and push the financial sector of the blockchain forward."


"AriseBank is not just an idea. We have not only developed our entire banking platform pre-ICO, we have also developed many developer tools on top of it. We are not a here today, gone tomorrow operation. Our team of industry enthusiasts will be here until the blockchain dies, which we hope never happens."


"We have offices based in Downtown Dallas, TX and the Dubai International Financial Center. You can find our office addresses on our contact page, call our offices or come for a visit. We would love to meet you and talk fintech. It's what we do."


"We have partnered with “Dotoji”, a top digital marketing outfit out of Dallas to market AriseBank™. Dotoji was originally founded by the same team that founded AriseBank and both our team and theirs have a very powerful and strategic working relationship."


"We are actively developing our vision and achieving our goals of bringing a better banking platform to the masses. We are constantly releasing new software, new tools and new feature on the AriseBank banking platform and we hope that's obvious. It was our goal to bring a helping hand to the industry, while also pushing out the bad actors at the same time."


"Rice, who is on probation for felony theft and tampering with government records, made [several] misleading statements, including claims that his company bought an FDIC-insured bank and partnered with Visa, according to the complaint. The SEC says AriseBank used celebrities to tout its fraudulent offering. Evander Holyfield, former World Heavyweight boxing champion, endorsed the AriseBank earlier this month."


"The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission obtained a court order freezing the assets of a Texas-based initial coin offering that claimed to have raised more than $600 million.


The order filed in federal court in Dallas halts AriseBank from raising any additional cash from investors, according to a statement from SEC Tuesday. The agency alleges Jared Rice, 29, illegally raised funds from individual investors beginning in November without registering with regulators, according to the complaint. Also accused is co-founder Stanley Ford, 45, who lives in Dubai.


The agency froze crypto assets including Bitcoin, dogecoin and litecoin among others and appointed a receiver to return investor cash.


“This is the first time the commission has sought the appointment of a receiver in connection with an ICO fraud,” said Steve Peikin, co-head of SEC enforcement said in a statement. “We will use all of our tools and remedies to protect investors from those who engage in fraudulent conduct in the emerging digital securities marketplace.”


The asset freeze is the biggest action yet for the agency trying to police a red-hot market that’s raised billions from a range of investors. The regulator has been sounding the alarm about the offerings, which are most likely securities that must be registered to comply with U.S. securities laws.


The case is SEC v. AriseBank, 18-cv-00186, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Texas (Dallas)."


"According to a recent press release from the US Department of Justice, Jared Rice, Sr. will spend the next 60 months behind bars. The American, who was in charge of AriseBank and inventor of its native token AriseCoin, admitted luring investors into his crypto scheme and stealing more than $4 million worth of digital assets.


The 33-year-old lied to his customers that AriseBank was the world’s “first decentralized banking platform.” He was also praising the cryptocurrency AriseCoin as an asset that could offer clients Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)-insured accounts and traditional banking services such as Visa-brand credit cards."

AriseBank launched an ICO claiming to revolutionize banking with AriseCoin, offering a cryptocurrency and an ERC20 token called "AEX" generated from the smart contract powering their exchange "aEx". They claimed partnerships with industry giants like VISA and government-insured banking partners. However, the SEC froze AriseBank's assets in 2018, accusing founders Jared Rice Sr. and Stanley Ford of illegally raising over $600 million from investors without registering with regulators. Rice was sentenced to 60 months in prison for stealing more than $4 million worth of digital assets from investors. The SEC alleged that AriseBank used false claims and endorsements, including from celebrities like Evander Holyfield, to promote their fraudulent ICO.

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