$384 000 USD

JULY 2021




"The trader wanted to download the app for 1inch, an exchange for Ethereum - a type of blockchain currency.


"The crypto fanatic shared a screenshot of his account two hours before to show his wife the progress he had made trading the volatile currency."


"Balance = $384,006 in this wallet. Total balance in all wallets was about $691,000," he explained."


"[U]nfortunately the actual app he downloaded was a similar-looking scam."


"And 2 Hours Later…$0 Everything taken. It took them 3 minutes to clean me out."


"Brandon Larsen, from Utah, was left devastated after ruthless hackers wiped more than half of his £506,000 (USD$700,000) crypto fortune in minutes."


“Unfortunately it was a lookalike app and I gave access to my digital wallet to a hacker," he told KUTV.


"I’ve shed a lot of tears, I’m not going to lie," said Brandon.


"Obviously this is devastating. Not only the immediate loss but the potential of the cryptocurrencies I had in the wallet will be worth no less than $1MILLION dollars in 2021," he wrote.

Brandon Larsen went to download an application for the 1Inch Exchange, and instead downloaded a malicious application which likely requested his seed phrase. In a few minutes, his cryptocurrency was all taken.

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